Welcome to Chant

who we are?

The main reason behind me creating this brand ChanT is to explore Nepali market with local made quality products. After 25 years of exporting to international market as OEM, now we are targeting Nepali market. The motive behind is to give recognition to Nepali brand, in international platform as well.  

I don’t believe that modern people should follow names, where we are capable enough to understand the value of quality. My targeted customers are those who encourages classic designs with contemporary trends and clothes they can actually function and look great in. That’s why I founded ChanT.

We have been intelligently constructing the pieces with thoughts and with precession.

I’m obsessed with quality and in order to offer the highest standard at an accessible price, we handle everything ourselves, in-house.

Now is real time to flaunt Nepalese skills and artistry.

Timeless styles with a modern sensibility gives our collections longevity. We thoroughly edit trends, only committing to the ones that have long-lasting appeal, for pieces that are covetable now and forever, for style that lasts maintaining the standards.